Check out what people are saying about Randee’s Artwork

Randee has a style that is all her own….it is from her heart and soul….the painting Peace Of Heart, makes me feel there is nurturing, love and peace in this world that is all around us…

Donna Orr

Randee, job well done! See you soon! Delighted to have your presence at Karen Ledbetter GALLERIES.

Karen Ledbetter

Randee’s painting Innocence, is like a beautiful flower blooming underneath the clear blue sky. It’s as though birds of a feather are flying about in paradise. Randee has a magical talent with color and movement. I love her.

Justine Sabo, pfund

Randee, thank you so much for the time you spent helping my 11 year old daughter to learn art techniques. Your paintings are incredible and so are you. It’s wonderful to see a combination of incredible talent with such a giving nature. I am happy to consider you a friend as well. I’m sure your paintings will inspire and awe any one lucky enough to see them in person!

Leanne Meirson

Thank you so much for supporting the 2012 Broward Birthday Ball with your art work. As it happens, one of my personal friends (a cancer survivor) bid on the item. We appreciate you helping us in the fight against cancer.

Mariagnes Murray American Cancer Society

We are very pleased to own The Naked Truth original and decided to hang it in the living room in our home. We are fond of contemporary art and love Randee’s use of color.

Nick LoebCEO of Onion Crunch

I commissioned Randee to do a painting for my bedroom. Not only are the colors gorgeous, she captured my spirit. Love, love, love her and my extraordinary work of art.

Rena Rodriguez

I love the painting Randee did for me. I keep it hanging in my living room and it is beautiful. I enjoy looking at Randee’s work, watching pieces evolve and then seeing the final rendition. Randee is a very talented artist!